Nowadays, almost every person maintains a page on a social network or a personal blog. But how to make it, in addition to pleasure, also bring income? To make money on a blog, you will need not only creativity but also the ability to analyse the audience and the willingness to regularly create content. In addition, the development of the blog involves some financial investment. Today, we are going to talk about the basic rules and important subtleties of commercial blogging.

Of course, first of all, blogging should bring pleasure to the author himself. If you like to search for new material, write posts in different formats and connect with the audience, blogging is definitely your choice.

To begin with, it is important to decide on the topic. Do not chase fashion: choose topics that really excite you, about which you can write regularly and with high quality. Keeping a commercial blog is suitable for people who are ready not only to share their impressions but to dive deep into the chosen topic and constantly communicate with subscribers and advertisers. In fact, a modern blogger combines several professions: a journalist, a photographer or videographer, a build editor, and an SMM specialist.

ADVICE. To attract and retain an audience, follow these simple rules:
  • Post content every day.
  • Write in simple and lively language.
  • Alternate short and long texts.
  • Keep a consistent visual style.
  • Don’t forget to interact with the audience.        
Dedicated Blogging Platforms

The popularity of a blogger largely depends on the platform he uses. You should be clear about what you want and have an idea of ​​what the blog will look like.

When choosing a site, it is important to rely on three main criteria:
  • Price-quality ratio.
  • Beautiful templates (they will help attract guests).
  • Functionality (the presence of built-in functions will simplify the work).
IMPORTANT! If you’re new to blogging, it’s best to choose a platform that’s not too complicated, reasonably priced, and has enough features (like Wix, Squarespace, Blogger, or WordPress).

ADVICE! If you decide to choose one of the above sites, optimize your articles for search queries. This will give you additional traffic and improve your SEO.

Blogs on social networks
Perhaps the easiest option is blogging on a popular social network. This approach is convenient for novice bloggers since it does not require detailed interface settings and the use of complex Internet marketing tools. Now the most popular platforms are Instagram and YouTube.

Instagram accounts are divided into 3 groups: personal blog, business account and expert account. In personal blogs, users write about what excites them and post photos and short videos on everyday topics. Sincerity, beautiful design of posts and regularity are important here. You can earn on collaborations with various projects.

An expert account is suitable for specialists in a particular field who want to promote their author’s courses, blogs and master classes.

YouTube is still the most popular and convenient platform for video blogging. At first, you will not need any sophisticated equipment – a smartphone with a good camera will suffice. Shoot and upload a few test videos, calculate how much time and resources it took you, and based on this, draw up a content plan for a month or a week.

ADVICE! We live in an era of total scrolling and clip thinking, so the top videos last no longer than 15 minutes. Try to combine brevity and information richness – so you can quickly gain an audience. Also, don’t forget about keywords and hashtags that will make navigation easier.

Estimated budget for starting a blog

To make money on a blog, you need initial and regular investments in equipment, as well as in promotion and technical support.

Computer: First of all, you should take care of a high-quality computer – it is best if it is a laptop that allows you to work from any point convenient for you. Options range from a $2,000 MacBook Pro to, say, a $700 HP Envy (it’s nearly as powerful as an Apple laptop).

Hosting: For renting hosting without additional options, you will have to pay 2-20 dollars per month depending on the hosting provider that you choose.

Domain: A domain name is your blog’s unique name on the internet and is very important in attracting an audience. It can be purchased from a hosting company or registrar for approximately $10 per year.

Design: When starting a blog on a platform like WordPress, you can either buy a ready-made design template ($30-60) or hire a web developer ($100-300).

Advertising: Most likely, as your blog grows, you will need to invest in advertising. For example, you can use the Google AdWords service to promote on Google. The fee here is charged when someone clicks on a link to your blog. If you calculate the total cost of advertising, you will need a minimum of 100 dollars at the initial stage and a little more than 20 dollars monthly in the future. But this step is completely optional.

Blog monetization

The chosen topic significantly affects the profitability of a blog. For example, entertainment content will generate less revenue than the promotion of goods and services. However, implementing your own product is not the only effective way to make money on a blog. We tell you how else you can monetize your blog.

Through advertising
If you have enough followers, you can sell space on your blog for someone else’s ads. You will be paid either for the fact of placing an ad or for the fact that a user clicks on an ad. You can enter into direct deals or use the Google AdSense service, which will sell ads on your behalf.

Through affiliate marketing
You will promote certain companies by placing links to their products and services within your content. Each click that ends in a sale will earn you a percentage of the profits. There are special sites (ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, etc.) that offer a ready-made assortment from different suppliers, as well as tools for tracking sales.

ADVICE! Choose a product for promotion based on the subject of the blog and your own interests. Let’s say that a blog with book reviews would organically market links to bookstores. Don’t risk your reputation by linking to dubious companies.

Through coaching
A personal blog is a great tool for selling master classes, lectures, online courses and trainings. Tellingly, in this case, you can not chase the number of subscribers, but create niche content for a small but loyal pool of customers.


Running a commercial blog is an extremely interesting business at the intersection of creativity and business. In order for blogging to bring you income, you need to regularly generate high-quality content, keep track of current media trends and work on expanding your audience. As a rule, it is worth starting monetization after reaching a certain number of subscribers (at least 500 unique views per day). High attendance will allow you to effectively promote your copyrighted products, connect pay-per-view content and profitably sell affiliate advertising.

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